Fancy 2 Classy is our sub-brand where we sell our jewelry. It has grown from a hobby and after many positive reactions we started to sell it online! We make different kinds off jewelry bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. Our most common parts are beads, they are chosen with great care for the quality and of course the appearance.



We make different kinds and types of lamps and each lamp has its own style, our intention is to not build only functional lamps but also our lamps are decorative or perhaps be seen as a decoration item. All of our lamps are carefully handcrafted by which we guarantees quality. We like to use different materials, wood is one of our favorites, many of our lamps are made out of wood or have wooden parts within it.



Besides all make the lamps we also home decoration, different types of decoration we make some little plant holders but also terrarium with vintage lights in them or a led version! Just is in the lamps like to make use of wood and try to recycle as many things as possible. We love to make minimal but effective designs that are sharp priced.



We work with Catch Photography for our photography en graphic images they provide us the quality images that we print in different formats and on different materials. We not only sell photos but we have occasionally have some graphic images that we offer, this may be what painting has been digitized or graphics for example animals. We can print the images on small size wood, but when it becomes greater we order them from our supplier to provide the quality and the the different materials for the product.

2502, 2017


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Once every 2 weeks we have a FREAKY FRIDAY, that day we give an extra amount of discount on our already sharp priced products! If you go to our Etsy page and enter the discount [...]

2001, 2017

Website Done!

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Finally after month of working and programming on it, the website is DONE!! Please take a look around, and follow us on social media! The upcoming weeks we will be busy with adding new products [...]