Creative, Classy, Vintage

Besides all make the lamps we also home decoration, different types of decoration we make some little plant holders but also terrarium with vintage lights in them or a led version! Just is in the lamps like to make use of wood and try to recycle as many things as possible. We love to make minimal but effective designs that are sharp priced. We also like to use plants in our products because it gives it a natural look that blends perfectly with the vintage and classy style. Of course these products are handmade so we can guarantee quality.

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Handcrafted with care.

Because everything is handmade, we can also provide tailor-made products, if you have seen a product with us and that might just be a little different than what you are looking for or you might have a idea that you do not know how to work it out. We are glad to help you realize your design! Do not hesitate to send us an email!