The art of creating decorative functional lamps.

We make different kinds and types of lamps and each lamp has its own style, our intention is to not build only functional lamps but also our lamps are decorative or perhaps be seen as a decoration item. All of our lamps are carefully handcrafted by which we guarantees quality. We like to use different materials, wood is one of our favorites, many of our lamps are made out of wood or have wooden parts within it. Our lamps are almost always delivered with a dimmer that works on 240V as well on 110V so that the lamp can provide extra atmosphere. We like to use coarse materials our style is therefore best described as vintage, rough and a bit western, but we also make things that are very nice classy hence our name! Our lights are therefore often comes with a carbon filament lamp, which adds a extra vintage look.

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In a world of cheap knock offs  and just following trends. We decided to create something timeless and unique that fits in every home or with every style. Of course durability is also important to us and we make sure our products are longlasting. All our product are build by hand and made from quality wood, our parts a carefully selected and after assembly thoroughly tested. We put a lot of time in designing our products and try to be as unique as possible.

Because everything is handmade, we can also provide tailor-made products, if you have seen a lamp with us and that might just be a little different than what you are looking for or you might have a idea that you do not know how to work it out. We are glad to help you realize your design! Do not hesitate to send us an email!

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